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Vermont for Wildlife

Vermont for Wildlife is an all-volunteer group of concerned Vermont citizens who are determined to make sure Vermont does its part on the state level to protect the world's most threatened species.


In January 2019, our legislators introduced a bill to ban the sale within the state of parts and products from these species.

Contact your specific Vermont State Senators and ask them to support S.29 to restrict the sale in Vermont of products and parts of the most at-risk species including cheetah, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, jaguar, leopard, lion, pangolin, ray, rhinoceros, sea turtle, shark, tiger, and whale.  Contact your specific Vermont House Representatives and ask them to support H.99 which is the identical House version of the Senate bill. 

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Find your legislators here:

Take action! Watch this 6 minute video, share, and send a polite email to Sen. Sirotkin at and ask his Committee to please pass S.29 (which will ban the sale of imperiled wildlife parts in the state of Vermont--- this is needed because federal law cannot and does not govern trade that happens within a state) in January 2020!

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